This service includes the Troubleshooting of your computer, travel included with an obligation of results. Spare parts extra if necessary. If necessary, a system relocation is carried out, included in this service.

Our qualified technician will go to your home and on arrival he will talk to you to define the software and/or hardware problems of your computer.

He then makes the first diagnostics to determine the origin of the breakdown. Is it Software (corrupted files, viruses, etc.) or hardware (defective parts)? In either case it reinstalls the software while setting it up or it replaces the defective part. All of these tasks are performed according to well-established procedures.

We offer different types of computer training :

Multi-faceted it troubleshooting

A computer is a complex machine and it can have a multitude of problems of all kinds. From the simple mouse problem to the serious virus problem, we come to your rescue for a computer breakdown in peace of mind.

The approach of the computer breakdown

After an initial diagnosis by telephone, we intervene as soon as possible. Once there, our staff member detects the problem and solves it for you. There are several forms of computer breakdown. :

Installation or reinstallation of the operating system if necessary;
Recovery of lost data;
Eradication of viruses, spyware, snitches;
Installation and configuration of software (antivirus, office automation, multimedia, etc);
Repair of equipment.

A computer breakdown and package

For large interventions that require a lot of time, we offer a flat rate to avoid getting too big a bill. This package includes :

On-site diagnostics;
The removal of your machine for repair in the workshop. A quote will then be established;
If you accept it, we will return your repaired machine and make the connections.

With this computer breakdown system, you know in advance what the cost will be.

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