CEDIM MALI is able to carry out all civil works.
Telecommunication networks are always in or on support structures. Our experience in civil engineering is a valuable asset when it comes to analyzing, optimizing or replacing the structures of a network; we need to understand how it works and what its impact is in different environments. This is called civil engineering applied to telecommunications.

Carried out by experts, this approach can have a very positive impact on your business :

  • An intervention technology to deploy or replace your structures
  • Fast and efficient execution of the works
  • Sustained support from experienced specialists

What is CEDIM MALI'S approach?

CEDIM MALI is able to carry out all civil works.

CEDIM MALI has developed an approach in which it integrates with its expertise in civil engineering a sophisticated knowledge of telecommunications. This approach allows for a complete and turnkey intervention that assures peace of mind to the client (application for municipal consents, obstruction permit, cutting plan, info-excavation).

Here are some examples of work we do frequently :

  • Installation of new pipelines by conventional method,
  • Installation of access wells,
  • Very localised release of ducts (cost reduction for customers)),
  • Duct replacement and repair,
  • Installation of concrete blocks.

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