Having a powerful computer is not only dependent on its power. It must also be kept up to date regularly as its car is maintained. Computer maintenance ensures security and avoids a lot of problems.

Our IT maintenance contract is perfectly adapted if you want to work in a high availability environment for your workstation while being autonomous.

First we carry out an audit to find out if your workstation is fully operational. Otherwise, we will proceed with the complete reinstallation of your system : OS, devices, applications, anti-virus, internet….

In a second step we set up a system of backup on CDROM or DVD of your documents, emails, favorites and address book as well as an easy-to-use backup procedure at the request of customers. Finally, we install a high-performance restoration system for your workstation.

Les fonctions de la maintenance informatique

The principle of computer maintenance is the support of the computer during its existence. It is important to ensure that your PC remains efficient in the long term and to avoid regular breakdowns.

Les différentes tâches de la maintenance informatique

Operations to keep your computer are manifold

  • Full Scan of your hard drives;
  • Reinstallation of the operating system if necessary;
  • Hard disk cleaning (uninstalling of unused programs, bug fixes, etc.));
  • Operating system and software updates;

And many more…

If you want peace of mind with your PC, opt for the IT maintenance contract.

The purpose of the IT maintenance contract
Our contract maintenance includes three (3) major types of maintenance :

Preventive computer maintenance

Preventive computer maintenance that consists of cleaning your computer, updating the software or removing any viruses or other malware. To this end, periodic visits are made to intervene as necessary.

Curative computer maintenance

Curative computer maintenance, which includes one-time help-desk operations. In the event of a problem, you have priority over the response time.

Adaptive computer maintenance

Adaptive computer maintenance that allows the system to be improved in relation to the evolution of technologies. This may include, for example, installing new equipment or upgrading software.

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