Business professional network

In order to ensure a fast and efficient network installation, a resource audit and functional analysis are systematically carried out before the actual installation of the equipment. After installation you will receive a detailed plan of your network installation. This is :

  1.  Determine the most appropriate type of network for your needs;
  2. Providing the necessary materials;
  3. Laying computer cabling;
  4. Set up servers and develop a good security policy.

Family Network

This service includes the installation of your high-speed access, from the simplest offer to the most complete : Internet, unlimited phone, TV. If you have multiple computers we Network with or without wireless so that your entire family can share high-speed Internet access. And we intervene whatever your access provider : LiveBox, ADSL, etc.

You have at least 2 computers at home and you want to share a printer, your documents but also your connection. The family network meets your expectations because it allows your entire family to enjoy all these benefits at the same time.

We offer you the setting up of your family network with or without wireless (Wifi).

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