We want to make optimal use of your computer by performing the most common tasks.

These customized or in-company computer training will be carried out by qualified trainers who will put themselves at your level. The goal is to better control the use of your computer.

We offer different types of computer training :

General Education

* Computer literacy;
* Basic computer science;
* Windows environment study;
* Practical work.

General Education

2.1 Microsoft Word (2003-2007-2010-2013) ;

Module I (Handling, formatting of text and writing of mail))
Module II (tables, protection of a document and direct mail)

   2.2 Microsoft Excel (2003-2007-2010-2013-2016) ;

Module I (Excel environment, spreadsheet and simple calculations))
Module II (formulae & functions, graphics and dynamic cross tables))

    2.3 Microsoft PowerPoint (2003-2007-2010-2013-2016) ;

Module I (Creating a presentation, slides)
Module II (inserting objects on slides, Animation, exploiting models)

Nous faisons aussi des formations individuelles ou collectives sur Microsoft Access (2007-2010-2013-2016). Toutes ces formations peuvent être faites dans nos locaux ou au niveau des entreprises, ONG, associations, etc. Nous restons à votre entière disposition pour le lieu et la date des formations.

  • Mailing, social networks, instant messaging, managing attachments etc.;
  • Create your Internet mailbox and learn how to use it, address book;
  • Browse and search the Internet to go where you want in an instant.

NB : You have the freedom to suggest the training dates that best fit your agenda. A system of computerized crossing of the agendas of all our trainers allows to satisfy you to the best.

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