You want to invest in a computer ? Don’t know which one to choose from among the multitude of models available ? CEDIM can provide you with IT advice in your choice according to your needs.Whether you need new software or a new device, feel free to contact us to make the right choice. If you have bought a new hardware, CEDIM will come to you to install it to make your life easier.1 computer consulting
    – After purchase, installation of your equipment
    – Took charge of the equipment
    — After-sales Service (maintenance, troubleshooting, …)

    1. 2 due to the knowledge of the different systems and software of the market, CEDIM is able to advise you on the best offers existing and responding to your request and problematic: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, from the most common software to Open Source software.

    1. 3 we guarantee to find you the safest, most durable solutions at a cost that is considerably lower than usual, and this is due to the choice we have made to propose the existing professional solutions of the Open Source world : Office Automation, image and sound processing, individual systems or servers, Human Resources Management Software, etc. We have developed an effective and functional response to the problems existing in companies.

We offer different types of computer training :

  1. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTS Multiple companies call us for their developments : industrial hardware programming, management software, software take-over, it is possible to intervene after having studied your project, having taken care to check if an existing tool does not already respond to your request to avoid unnecessary and costly development.We develop Android and IOS apps available in google Play and App Store for our customers who wish to appropriate them for good visibility of their products.

    Our range of clients for this activity ranges from international companies to the artisan who wants to minimize its operating costs or obtain a tool adapted to his activity.

    If you wish to benefit from our services, do not hesitate to ask us your questions : the first thing we provide daily is the advice. This does not commit you and allows you to get the answer to the question you are asking yourself.

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